BJJ Masters Training Camp Details and Itinerary


  • 3-4 Small Group (8 person cap) Training Sessions per day guided by our expert instructors who are professional mixed martial artists and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts.
  • Expert guidance through each session. Small groups ensure attention to each individual athlete to improve your game.
  • ALL Recovery Meals, Snacks and an EPIC feast at the end of the day. All meals are organic and meats are free range and ethically raised.
  •  Lectures on diet, training, strategies, recovery, and supplements. All lectures   and techniques will also be available to participants after the training camp.
  •  Strength and Conditioning exercises to help you be stronger and have more   endurance on and off the mats.
  •  30-day custom Strength and Conditioning program delivered through our   custom APP.
  •  Body Fat Measurements using SKULPT BF device.
  •  Advice on weight class placement
  •  Swag Bag with T-shirt, jump rope, supplements, and much more!
  •  Q&A session with our World Class instructors
  •  Recovery sessions with access to hot tubs and various mobility tools.

DAY 1:

7:30am- Intro

7:45am- body fat assessment and measurement

8:00am-Session #1 Fitness tests- 2 min: Pushups; Situps; Burpees; Squats

9:00am- Post workout recovery strategies

10:00am- Session #2- Jiu Jitsu- Simple Takedowns + Top Position

11:15am- Breakfast- Nutrition 101- what the fuck is a calorie? What the fuck are Macros?

12:30pm- Session #3- Exercises for Jiu Jitsu: Turkish Get Up, bridges, hip escapes w/Weight, core exercises + mobility exercises.

1:30pm-Break- Recovery talk + supplements

2:00pm- Session #4- Open Mat w/coaching

3:00pm- FEAST-

DAY 2:

7:30am- Light breakfast

8:30am- Session #5- Bottom position

10:00am- recovery meal


11:00am- Session #6- Simple Strength training workout- swole session.

12:00pm-Light Lunch- Topic: MINDSET/FUCK THOSE YOUNG KIDS

1:30pm- Session #7- Live matches w/coaching

3:00p.m.- FEAST!!!

3:45pm- Wrap up.

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