Jiu Jitsu Saves Lives

“Jiu Jitsu saves lives!” If you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you hear this all the time! Often this refers to the practical application of Jiu Jitsu techniques being invaluable for self-defense situations. Most altercations result in grappling, and especially with females we find defense against pinning and grabbing to be of the utmost importance. JiuContinue reading “Jiu Jitsu Saves Lives”

FitHistory- Beowulf pt. 4

#fithistory #beowulf part 4- strategy. While every challenge has to be faced with a similar mental attitude, the strategy and tactics must change for the situation. A great warrior must adapt to his opponent. Life is no different. Problems must be solved using individual methods. Beowulf has 3 epic fights that he uses a different strategy eachContinue reading “FitHistory- Beowulf pt. 4”

FitHistory- Beowulf Part 3

F*ck the haters! #fithistory#beowulf part 3. Anyone who pursues greatness will encounter haters. When you are as bad ass as Beowulf you are bound to have haters. Before he fights Grendel, Beowulf is confronted by his biggest hater unferth who says he has heard of Beowulf losing a swimming race to Brecca and that he isn’t asContinue reading “FitHistory- Beowulf Part 3”

FitHistory- Beowulf pt. 2

When we think of the typical Viking we imagine a hard drinking bunch of hooligans. Think again. When Beowulf comes to fight the monster Grendel he passes up alcohol and tells his warriors to do the same. Normally a guest in a kings hall would feast and party the day of arrival, often after travelingContinue reading “FitHistory- Beowulf pt. 2”

FitHistory- Beowulf Part 1

Beowulf is the ultimate lesson in not giving a f*ck! In literature few heroes have balls as big as Beowulf. Throughout this 5th century tale he fights demons, monsters and dragons without one single concern for his safety and never doubts his ability. At the thought of failure and death he is unmoved. Before heContinue reading “FitHistory- Beowulf Part 1”