BJJ Masters Training Camp

B.A.D. Training Camp Presents
Masters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Camp

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Ideal training for the Beginner to the Expert!

Do you want…

  • to dominate your younger competition?
  • to train injury free?
  • to recover more quickly after each training session?
  • to be stronger and have more endurance on the mats?
  • a whole weekend to focus on your training and health?
  • the strategies and tactics to easily make your weight class?

…then join us for our B.A.D. Masters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Camp!

April 13-15 2018, Hudson Valley, NY

Run circles around kids half your age once you arm yourselves with the tactics and strategies you will learn over the course of the weekend. Come for a single day or stay for both and soak up the knowledge of our world class instructors. We will cover training, recovery, weight cutting, game planning, nutrition, and mental strategies to help you dominate on and off the mats. All participants will receive a custom strength and conditioning program they can perform on their own through our custom coaching APP.


Single Day: $297 (Call or email today to book)


Masters BJJ Weekend


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