FitHistory- Beowulf pt. 4

#fithistory #beowulf part 4- strategy. While every challenge has to be faced with a similar mental attitude, the strategy and tactics must change for the situation. A great warrior must adapt to his opponent. Life is no different. Problems must be solved using individual methods. Beowulf has 3 epic fights that he uses a different strategy each time. When fighting Grendel he grapples the beast without weapons or armor because he knows weapons cannot hurt him. When he defeats Grendel’s mother he uses a magic sword and cuts off her head. In his last battle with the dragon he goes fully armed and armored since the dragon has its own advantages of claws and scaled armor and fiery breath. Adapt your strategy to your challenge. Use the right tool for the job. If all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. I’ve seen so many fights where strategy hasn’t been addressed. Every situation must be evaluated and approached with the strategy and tactics necessary to achieve victory. Beowulf on the surface seems like a psychopathic killer, but in reality he is a thoughtful skill based warrior. #belikebeowulf #fithistory#beneducemethod #manimal #sonofodin@historyvikings @history #wisdom#learnfromhistory #vikings #beowulf

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