FitHistory- Beowulf Part 3

F*ck the haters! #fithistory#beowulf part 3. Anyone who pursues greatness will encounter haters. When you are as bad ass as Beowulf you are bound to have haters. Before he fights Grendel, Beowulf is confronted by his biggest hater unferth who says he has heard of Beowulf losing a swimming race to Brecca and that he isn’t as powerful as he says he is. Beowulf teaches us how to deal with haters when he tells unferth that he has never heard of him being in any battles or competing in anything of merit! Our haters are just envious of our courage to take on challenges in the face of overwhelming odds. Beowulf spins what unferth says is a loss into an epic tale of surviving a storm in the Atlantic Ocean and battling against whale 🐳 beasts for 7 days to finally make it back to shore. Beowulf smiles at unferth and tells him that if he was any good, why was Grendel still terrorizing them. Beowulf recognizes that haters are actually following your story the most, otherwise how would they know so much about you, they want you to fail so they can criticize and make themselves feel better about their lack of prowess, but the truly great rarely put anyone down, they are too busy training hard and accomplishing great deeds. Beowulf puts unferth in his place and keeps on being a total bad ass! Beowulf knows that having haters means you are on the right track and making moves worthy of envy! So when you have haters, smile and realize they are actually signposts of your greatness! #beneducemethod @historyvikings@history #wisdom #lifelessons#hateonhaters #criticsdontcount #manimal#sonofodin

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