FitHistory- Beowulf pt. 2

When we think of the typical Viking we imagine a hard drinking bunch of hooligans. Think again. When Beowulf comes to fight the monster Grendel he passes up alcohol and tells his warriors to do the same. Normally a guest in a kings hall would feast and party the day of arrival, often after traveling days or weeks at sea. Beowulf is extremely disciplined and wants to be as quick witted and aware as possible. Everyone else drinks and passes out, and this has led them to being easy prey for Grendel when he comes to attack at night. Grendel expects easy pickings again but he is gripped back by a sober, prepared bad ass. Beowulf is also disciplined enough to stick to his strategy. A fighters impulse would be to grab a weapon but he sticks to his strategy of grappling against Grendel and succeeds in defeating him. It is easy to overlook the discipline shown by Beowulf since he is such a hard charging arm ripping skull splitting savage. Look a little deeper and you see a battle hardened. Disciplined hero. This is especially a great lesson for #newyears when people make #resolutions when they are feasting and drinking and the mood strikes them. Beowulf comes to accomplish a great task and has discipline to carry out the mission well after the mood has passed him. Do you have the discipline to stick to your plan after the impulse has left you?

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