FitHistory- Beowulf Part 1

Beowulf is the ultimate lesson in not giving a f*ck! In literature few heroes have balls as big as Beowulf. Throughout this 5th century tale he fights demons, monsters and dragons without one single concern for his safety and never doubts his ability. At the thought of failure and death he is unmoved. Before he fights the “unbeatable” monster Grendel he not only says “if I lose there will be no funeral for me, nothing will remain” a pretty daunting proposition for a culture that glorified the dead hero through elaborate funeral ceremony. He also strips butt ass naked and says if the beast fights without weapons or armor he will do the same! Add to this that he pulls out the most epic armbar (well, probably a Kimura) of all time by ripping off Grendel’s arm! I like to take a lesson here in facing any challenge with courage and belief in yourself. Even in his final battle where he dies fighting the dragon at 76 years old, he doesn’t hesitate to jump on the dragons back and give it all he has even though he dies in the process. Think of when you face a challenge or goal in the future and be bold in tackling it! Take a lesson from Beowulf and go all in to tackle the tough tasks. There is no half-assing in Beowulf’s approach and that is a lesson we should all take. Go all in! Then no matter the outcome you will have peace of mind with your effort!

Stay tuned for Part 2 …

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